Live. Laugh. Love… and, Look exceptionally fabulous






Andrea DeSilva is a conceptual designer born in Mississauga, Canada and grew up in Toronto and the Caribbean. Her love for designing and all things creative, she considers inherent. The granddaughter of a professional Seamstress and Tailor she remembered her very first 2 jobs as a little girl were: threading her grandparent’s sewing machine needles (she still recalls her grandma’s voice saying “come chile, you young children have eyes for these eyes” – referring to the eye of the needle), and being the designated seam ripper when alterations had to be done. Growing up in a Caribbean home, there’s no way you can tell your parents you’re going to be a free-spirited creative. Caribbean parents are expecting you to be Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants etc., so, she quickly settled into finance. After 20 years in corporate Canada she finally decided that her faith needed to exceed her fears in pursuit of her passion.

As a designer, Andrea is constantly stretching her imaginative bandwidth. Her boundless, creative spirit currently spans over five lines which captures the diverse facets of femininity; from mature and conservative styles, through flirty and sassy, to eccentric ‘haute couture’, and even elegances that pups and dog lovers will bark about.

Andrea is also the founder of The SELFIE Foundation, a registered charity assisting women and girls in transitional situations; encouraging them through all facets of “SELF” that they too can Live. Laugh. Love… and be exceptionally fabulous!!


Silva Minted is an evolving contemporary lifestyle brand based in Toronto featuring Pups, Mommy & Me and Women’s ready-to-wear collections. Our passion for joie du vivre transpires through every stitch and pattern in our designs, and it is our desire for you to indulge in that feeling as you wear our pieces. Our collections are not only meant to be eye catching and versatile but convey creativity, authenticity and empowerment through fashion, living life to the fullest and without compromise to our true selves.


Offering luxuriously chic and creatively curated products and services that contributes to the overall well-being and self-confidence of women. Timeless, inspirational, quality designs to“Live. Laugh. Love… and, Look exceptionally fabulous”


  • Social impact: Being aware of the world around us, is what enables us to truly affect change as we strive to make a difference. Supporting and advocating for women and girls in need living in transitional situations through our principles of harmony, humanity, humility hopefulness, honesty and a holistic approach to living and giving.
  • Inclusion: At Silva Minted diversity is at the heart of everything we do. Who doesn’t love a good party?! We do!... we celebrate all sizes, shapes, colors and features - everything that is authentically YOU.
  • Sustainability: In our practice, we do not compromise the well-being of our planet, our children’s future and respecting artisans and people as integral to our vision of beauty and creativity. As a part of our sustainability practice, our materials are sourced from reputable European, Canadian and American markets with traditions in craftsmanship and a dedication to quality.